Are you investing in the right partners?

You’ve heard this question before; honestly, it may keep you up at night, “How do you know which Partners to invest in? This is tricky because the archaic methods you’re relying on make it difficult to decipher which partners are performing and those that are duds, especially when your channel ecosystem is 20k+ strong. 

One thought every channel leader has is to invest in the largest partners. However, we’re sure you’ve come to realize this is a Catch-22. Just because they’re big doesn’t mean they’re worth the spend or effort it would take to get them producing.  

Successful channel partnerships are not born overnight, and creating lasting relationships is no accident. It takes a significant about of time and money to grow and build upon these affiliations. For this reason, we mustn’t be haphazardly spending valuable time nurturing the wrong partner.  

Which brings us to the golden question: How do you know which Partners to invest in? The answer has never been more straightforward; with Qotient!  

One of the “easiest” ways to determine which of your partners are most successful is what you get back from them. For example, the data and insights they provide or how successful they are at following up on leads.  

You probably noticed that we put the word “easiest” in quotations. That’s because we know this isn’t easy; far from it, truthfully, might be what causes you the most significant headache.   

At Qotient, we understand this challenge; in fact, bridging this gap between Vendors and the Partner ecosystem is instilled in our DNA, which is why we developed a tool to do just that!  

Through our platform, Vendors can gain real-time insights into which partners are performers or duds to ensure MDF isn’t being wasted and that time and energy are spent supporting the right partners. At the same time, top-performing Partners are simultaneously being rewarded with additional leads, deals, and support.