How Much Change Does Your Sales Channel Actually Want to See?

Change is difficult. No matter if it is in your personal or professional life, it takes some getting used to. Here at Qotient, we understand that. We also realize that change within your channel program is even more challenging.   

Due to a lack of insight into partner performance, it makes sense that your partners don’t want their program to change.  Ignorance is bliss, right? Wrong!    

This is why most of our blogs focus on how the traditional methods in supporting and enabling our channel programs no longer work. Yet, nothing changes except shrinking budgets. There is still a lack of insight, training misfires, leads going into the abyss, and blindly throwing MDF around isn’t working.  

It’s time to take a closer look at your current techniques and how they support your bottom line. For example, how is your lunch and learn to profit ratio? Or battlecard to closing rate? And one-sheet to sales ratio? You probably have no idea. How could you with the lack of insight and feedback from your Partners and sellers?    

As we mentioned before, most people within the channel tend to enjoy the fact that there is currently no accountability or oversight because there is no actual data to share upwards, and it’s hard to prove statistics.    

So, how do we go about doing this? How do we promote change within the channel? Through mutual benefits and rewards. Through Qotient.   

You can’t go to your channel spouting about visibility, insights, and how you would benefit from adding yet another tool into your technology stack. No, you need to help them understand the benefits they would reap as well.  Do they ask you for leads but don’t share the results?  

This is why you need Qotient. We’re not just another tool to add to your already fragmented and saturated technology stack. Our platform enables you and your resellers to mutually benefit and add additional value to your current technology stack. We do this by consolidating them into one stack that allows you to share leads, get the outcome, enable the conversation with consistency within the flow of how your channel works without imposing their process.  

We know you’re sold, but still not sure your resellers would be open to change? Tell them this…not only will Qotient help hold them accountable through data and insights, but we will also enable them to set and track achievable goals. Our platform embraces the competitive nature of sales through competition and supports them in learning in the flow of work. Thus, adding excitement to their day-to-day workflow and removing mindless and time-consuming lunch and learns and outdated battlecards and one-sheets