Just-in-Time Channel Enablement

Are you struggling to transform your channel sales team despite constant training? Are traditional methods such as lunch and learns, product certifications, and marketing materials not generating the activity they once did? If so, you’re not alone.   

One of the major complaints we hear from Vendors is that even though they provide their channel with product certifications, marketing materials, and host lunch and learns, salespeople still struggle to sell products effectively. At the same time, one of the major complaints we hear from Partner Resellers is that they are expected to retain information from these events, remember everything they’ve learned from certifications, and be product experts on an entire catalog. Not only that but they are expected to do so thirty to sixty days later once they finally have a sales opportunity. This, unfortunately, also tends to be once what they’ve learned is no longer top of mind, and supporting sales collateral is essentially lost in the partner portal abyss.     

Does this strike a chord? We sure think it does. We hear this, and we’re sure you experience it far too often. 

The truth is that we are still supporting and operating our channel as we have since the ’90s. Well, it’s time to shatter the status quo. It’s time to no longer function reactively. We must be proactive in how we support our partner salespeople. It’s time to empower your channel through just-in-time enablement. 

Not sure what we mean by just-in-time enablement? Take the scenario we laid out at the beginning of this blog. A ton of time and money is spent efficiently enabling and supporting channel partners, but somehow you are still missing the mark. 

We believe, and we’re sure you can agree, that it is because it is a bit unreasonable to expect salespeople to retain forever and remember all of the information they learn from certifications, tests, and lunch and learns. Rather than spending money on items such as these and not seeing any results, why not compliment them with a solution that focuses on better supporting your salespeople when it matters most, right before or during a sales call. 

This is what we mean by just-in-time enablement, and this is what Qotient offers. Provide customized go-to-market conversations that deliver on the investment you did training and certifying them at precisely the right time.

Want to learn more? Contact our sales team to learn how to support your team more proactively than reactively through just-in-time enablement. 

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