Not Your Average Channel Software

Last week we wrote about how your partner portal isn’t the new and exciting tool that you may think it is and that it’s time for you to switch to something that is. We acknowledge how this may have you thinking that we are some new shiny partner portal technology on the market. However, we’re not, and we don’t want to be.

You also may have recently seen that Jay McBain recently included us in his 2021 Channel Software Tech Stack. While we couldn’t be more excited to have been included, we noticed that we were only listed under the Channel Learning and Readiness (CLR) category.

We have recognized for a while now that most channel software tends to be similar out-of-date technology with a relatively low adoption rate. Once one company develops a tool, everyone seems to hop on the bandwagon and create one of their own. This is why we not only wanted to reinvent the wheel but also the way it’s driven!

We love to think of ourselves as a new-age tool that doesn’t fit into a single bucket. Why? Because, as the first and only channel platform of its kind, we offer a bit of everything to help your channel workflow function effortlessly and at scale.

Our platform enables you to create customizable programs that provide you with the data and insights needed to better expand your business with new and existing clients through scalable quality conversation and digital end-to-end pipeline management. Better yet, we allow you to build, distribute, and measure these programs within hours, not days, quarters, or years.

Over the next few weeks, we will share with you a five-part blog series illustrating just how different our platform truly is and how our channel program approach is more effective than what you may be doing currently.

This week we start with Part 1: Shattering the Channel Program Performance Status Quo