“75% of partners ranked vendor provided content as essential for sales, but are currently not happy with the quality of what they are receiving.”

– State of Partner Marketing Report, 2018


With over 50% of Hi-Tech Sales going through the Channel, various issues facing the Vendor ecosystem. Developing Partnerships is difficult and everchanging along with the technology being sold. Qotient solves this sales challenge by accelerating sales and driving pipeline.
Just-In-Time Enablement

Channel Partners are receiving daily requests from multiple vendors each day. Qotient helps Partners carry out meaningful conversations with a prospect – without the burden of lengthy and expensive sales training. Support your strategic objections by providing your teams with relevant marketing material so that sales reps don’t have to hunt for the material or use outdated material stored on their laptop.

Knowledge and Training

As technology continues to expand at an astronomical rate, sellers are commonly challenged to stay on top of the extensive offerings they support. Traditional training and certification isn’t working. People sell what they are comfortable. Qotient solves this by delivering relevant content when a sales rep needs the information.


It’s difficult for Partners to receive real-time insight into their salespeople’s day-to-day activities. The Qotient platform empowers Partner Sales Management Teams’ continued development through real-time optics into pipeline development activities. Such reporting is valuable when identifying sales training opportunities and determining which team members generate the most positive activity — allowing you to replicate and reward top performers.


How do you manage your entire sales team and keep them engaged in their day-to-day actives? Through friendly competition and rewards! message being delivered by your Partners? Qotient enables you do by connecting Partners with Vendors who regularly host pipeline accelerator campaigns with direct seller incentives.