Measure Your Blind Spot

Qotient helps you understand the reach of mindshare across your Partner Network, gain insight into salespeople and customers’ engagement, the effectiveness of sales conversations in the field, and the impact of those sales conversations on expanding existing customer offerings and driving net-new pipeline.

Mindshare And

Conversation Effectiveness

Understanding the number of active Partners and the number of active Sellers engaged in sales conversations in the field is vital. This visibility helps you understand your impact on Partner mindshare. With Qotient, you gain real-time insight into the performance of your investments in Partner recruitment and Partner enablement instead of waiting for failed pipeline and revenue generation to realize you have a problem. Real-time insight enables your team to engage with your Partners early and take corrective action on current campaigns to make them successful


Outcome Performance

Empowering your Partners’ salespeople with the TalkTrax they need to execute better sales conversations in the field, no matter what the campaign is, enabling you to capture direct feedback on each TalkTrax’s effectiveness. Usage analytics within the TalkTrax Framework provides you with the visibility and insight you need to understand the impact the TalkTrac is having in sales conversations and these conversations’ outcomes. Every sales conversation ends with an outcome. A positive outcome means the conversation is moving forward. A negative outcome means the conversation has come to an end. Capturing these outcomes provides your Partners with a way to identify the next steps in the sales cycle. More importantly, gaining visibility into these outcomes provides you with the insight you need to engage with your Partners to support the sales cycle, expand existing customers and drive the pipeline you both need to achieve your revenue goals.

Capturing Pre-

Pipeline Analytics

Every positive outcome has a corresponding impact on pipeline and revenue but prior to deal registration you may only have anecdotal evidence to support your forecast of pipeline and revenue from your Partners. With Qotient, you define the value of each positive outcome based on the stage of the buyers journey. This enables you to gain visibility into pre-pipeline revenue generation which helps your Channel Management team know which Partner sales opportunities they should be supporting.

The Next-level In Channel Sales Success

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With a championship-grade digital framework that enables more effective sales conversations and recognizes true achievement within your channel


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