PLATFORM UPDATE: The Lead Automation Tool You’ve Been Dreaming Of…

Most vendors spend millions of dollars in generating end-user awareness and inbound leads. For example, 53% of marketers say they spend half or more of their entire budget on lead gen efforts (StartupBonsai, 2021). However, very few have systems in place for getting those leads effectively to channel partners. Instead, many of those leads tend to be pursued by inside sales teams, but the lack of an integrated channel lead management system substantially reduces marketing ROI (Zinfi, 2019). According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge. This is why we are THRILLED to introduce our newest platform feature, Fully Automated Lead Distribution & Lead Routing.

From Vendor CRM down to Partner CRM and back up, Qotient now can track, distribute, reassign, revoke and monitor any lead right from the initial creation. This solution integrates with a vendor’s CRM and the entire workflow of the partner seller. It also gives vendors the ability to work with the leads before handing them off and track and support the partner through the entire sales cycle. 

How do you automate lead distribution and ensure that they’re reaching the correct partner? With the help of Qotient’s newest solution, leads are automatically routed to partner sales users based on the seller’s lead profile, which consists of specific attributes such as location and industry. Once matched, these leads are filtered through predetermined decision parameters to align the lead with the most appropriate salesperson. 

Did you know one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in lead generation is the increased use of automation software? According to recent reports, 80% of marketers that use automation software drive increased leads (as much as 451% more), and that 77% of them convert more leads than those that don’t use automation (StartupBonsai, 2021). 

But, that’s not all!

To facilitate more efficient handling of high numbers of sales interactions, Qotient’s UI has been streamlined to make moving through sales activities quicker. The salesperson has all the lead/contact activity within one place, enabling quick actions which allow for faster engagement!