Lead Flow Management

Stop sending valuable leads down a channel black hole. Distribute, manage, and track channel leads in real-time. Shadow sales conversations, assess call outcomes and deliver vendor support subject matter expertise in real-time.

Sales Enablement

Knowing and articulating every vendor’s product and service is nearly impossible, resulting in unprepared and disjointed sales calls. Stop the confusion and equip salespeople with relevant, meaningful, real-time sales conversations. Q-Trax accelerate a channel salesperson’s product knowledge with a vendor-guided, spot-on, client-focused conversation.

Sales Campaigns

Vendors and partners cannot sell without qualified pipeline. Co-create meaningful campaigns that reward salespeople while growing the sales pipeline. Gamify the vendor-partner relationship and incent salespeople to introduce new products, build brand awareness, or register for events and webinars.

Open API Integration

Nobody wants more sales enablement tools than necessary, and not all sales enablement tools are necessary. Facilitates sales workflow, management, and reporting using one platform – in real-time. Qotient API integration is one-stop for updating your CRM, PRM, and other critical sales platforms.