*Spoiler Alert* Your Partner Portal is NOT a New and Exciting Tool

In 2017, Salesforce found that partners account for one-third of the average company’s revenue and more than two-thirds of revenue for high-tech, manufacturing, and telecom companies. However, even with their mass contribution to our bottom lines, most companies do not support them effectively and efficiently because they do it exclusively through a partner portal.

Throughout the channel community, it is widely thought that vendor engagement with the Channel has failed to evolve beyond the 1990s partner portal. Yet, we don’t change our approach. Instead, we make minor tweaks and upgrades to our current PRN and reintroduce it into our ecosystem as a new and exciting tool hoping to drive better engagement when the truth is…it’s not.

Over the years, partner portals have not significantly changed how they support channel partners, which has led them to be viewed as outdated, ineffective, and inefficient, with only a 20% adoption rate. So why do we continue to defend and rely on this method?

In Channel, many companies have a default mindset that a partner portal is standard for partner management and that they need one because their competitors have one. However, we focus so much on this “follow the leader” or “if we build it, they will come” mentality that we never stop to consider if it will even be utilized, or if it is, by who and what are they using it for?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Don’t allow your partner portal to drive you insane. It’s time to break away from this archaic and proven ineffective platform and approach to supporting our channel partners and pivot to a more updated strategy through stronger data and better enablement.

Gaining insight and enabling indirect sales teams is every Channel Manager’s crux, but two of their most important responsibilities. Yet, most of them assumed this information wasn’t available and that there wasn’t a more effective way to enable their partners.

This is what Qotient does. We help provide you with better data and insight into your channel ecosystem by enabling and supporting your partners. At the same time, our platform is not a PRN and will not completely replace yours. So, although your partner portal is not a new and exciting tool, Qotient is.