Stop Looking at “Sales Script” as a Nasty Word

We’ve all been there once or twice before. You’re on a sales call, and it’s going well, you’re on a roll, and then it happens…you forget your train of thought, or the customer asks a question, and you draw a blank. You’ve answered this question a million times, but, at this moment, when you need it most, it’s completely slipped your mind. Not only is this embarrassing, but in some instances, it blows the sale.  

Did you realize there are tools at your disposal to avoid scenarios such as this?   

Yup. We’re about to say it…the two words that side-by-side may be the nastiest curse words within the sales industry: sales script.   

It’s always baffled us at how negatively people view these two simple words. Why do we look so undesirably at something that has the potential to be so beneficial?   

We need to stop looking at “sales script” as a nasty word!  

Finding someone who knows all the ins and outs of your technology product and how to sell it is comparable to finding a unicorn! Even your most seasoned sales staff who think they know all the ins and outs of your technology could benefit from a script. Come on, how can they really stay up to date with every single feature of your product and offerings when they are constantly changing?  

There are far more reasons to use a script than there are not to. For example, a script keeps you on track so you can gather information and intelligence about the buyer rather than trying to figure out what to say next. Another key benefit of a script is you don’t have to “wing” every sales call. You can feel confident that all of your calls will come across as professional and as though you’re a product expert.   

Don’t you want to ensure you and your channel sales team have the most accurate and effective conversations every time they pick up the phone?  

This is precisely why Qotient put so much time and energy into developing and perfecting our TalkTrac Framework. We don’t want our salespeople getting onto a sales call, taking the “wing it” approach, and blabbering on for thirty minutes, hoping that they eventually say something that will resonate with the client, and we know you don’t either.  

We built our TalkTrac Framework to provide your salespeople with customized sales conversations, similar to a script. To ensure they’re retaining information along with having the most successful sales calls, we’ve included just-in-time sales training tools and well-thought-out discovery questions based on your product offerings.   

So, are you ready to turn “sales script” from a nasty curse word into an everyday sales tool? Contact Qotient today to learn how our TalkTrax can empower you to do so! 

Admitting that your traditional tactics aren’t working anymore is only the first step. Next is the one that, for most, seems overwhelming – finding a solution. Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to be such a daunting task; the answer is Qotient. Our platform streamlines your current process with a workflow that drives success.